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Durable products


All products in the world harm the environment in some way. Waste of clothes is one of many problems we face today. We produce too many garments, and most of them don't last very long. The earth can't keep up with our level of consumption, so we're going to need changes. 

For us, at ZO•ON, it means that our clothes must last. Quality is the heart of who we are. We pride ourselves on creating durable garments. 


Meet Óli, a retired architect. He knows the importance of durability, and what we, the people of this earth, design, and manufacture must be in harmony with the environment. He is still wearing his ZO•ON jacket from our 1998 collection and is very proud of it. Back then, the brand was called OZON, but the name was changed in 2000 to ZO•ON ICELAND.   But it is not only about the durability of the products; we also need to lower the impact on the environment during production.  


With ZO•ON’s Arctic Eco Programme, we’ve developed fabrics and insulation made from recycled raw materials that lessen our impact upon the environment. That’s how ZO•ON helps you stay in balance with nature and get the urban outdoor look. Our goal is that by 2024 all our fabrics will be recycled.

Arctic ECO Diamondium is a high-tech fabric developed by ZO•ON to keep you comfortable, even in extreme conditions. The durable water-repellent treatment is PFC-free, and no harmful fluorocarbons are used in this fabric. ECO Diamondium fabric is made wholly or partially from recycled materials to help lessen the environmental impact of our clothing. This fabric is water- and windproof, and highly breathable - a winning combination when you need to get out there.

Ultra-fine insulation made from recycled fiber helps lessen the environmental impact of our clothing.
Thousands of insulating fibers are compressed in a unique process, making the insulation supremely soft to touch, warm and breathable.
ZO•ON’s Arctic Eco Insulation is a step towards helping you make the better choice for the natural environment at the heart of your urban outdoor adventures.

Down insulation


All our down that we use in our products is RDS certified. It ensures that the feathers and the duvet used in the padded products derive from geese and ducks raised in compliance with the principles and criteria of animal welfare. Down is a natural material; it's biodegradable and doesn't rely on fossil fuels for production.

Arctic Eco Wind Zhield is a fabric developed by ZO•ON offering high windproof, breathability, and water resistance to keep you comfortable in even the harshest conditions. A durable water-repellent treatment is used on this product, and it is free from PFC and other harmful fluorocarbons. Eco Wind Zhield is made from recycled materials; it is a better choice to help lessen your impact on the natural world.

Super Stretz is a highly elastic fabric developed by ZO•ON. With breathability and quick-dry characteristics to ensure comfort, whatever your activity. A durable water-repellent treatment is used on this product, and it is free from PFC and other harmful fluorocarbons. Arctic Eco Super Stretz is made from wholly or partly recycled materials. It is a better choice to help lessen your impact on the natural world.

Organic cotton is generally defined as cotton grown organically in subtropical countries from non-genetically modified plants, without using any synthetic agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers or pesticides aside from the ones allowed by the certified organic labeling. Its production is supposed to promote and enhance biodiversity and biological cycles.
ZO•ON’s Eco Organic Cotton is a step toward helping you make a better choice for the natural environment.

No animal cruelty


We only use Faux Fur on all of our products. Faux fur is made from polyester. It resembles real fur and has many of the same qualities, but it does not come from an animal. This ensures that there is no animal cruelty in the manufacturing of our products.

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